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We’ve got a great team with us at Accessibility Leeds with a lot of experience and passion about the digital community in Leeds.

Barry Hill

At 52 years old I am into my third decade succeeding as a blind man in a sighted world. My proudest achievements were when I gained a degree in Behavioural Sciences and when I was given a local inspiration award. Since 2002, I have worked on access issues for the Local Council, BBC, HboS, the RNIB and Sky. I have also been the writer and editor of a local magazine for disabled people, trained organisations in disability awareness, and was the hands-on Chair of the Halifax Society for the Blind where I started the process of modernisation.

I am currently the director of a company specialising in accessibility and writing a book of anecdotes about his life as a blind man. I am happy to be blind; passionate about accessibility; interested in technology; love my partner Angie, my guide dog Chester, my computer and my iPhone… not necessarily in that order.

Clare Davidson

I’m a Digital Accessibility Manager at Sky and I work with the digital teams across multiple platforms to build accessibility into their end to end software development processes. I have worked in digital teams for various companies over the last 20 years which include AVIVA, Lloyds (formally HBOS) and Saint Gobain.

I am passionate about changing a culture whereby accessibility is seen as an enhancement within the software development process to a culture where inclusive design is at the heart of everything you deliver.

Jo Arthur

Hiya! I’m a user researcher working in the public sector. I am really interested in how we can make the services we provide more usable and accessible for our citizens. I’m always eager for research and design to be done in an accessible, inclusive and user centred way.

Before moving to Leeds, I worked at RNIB where I developed my passion for all things accessibility. I worked with some amazing people and learnt everything I know from them.

@JoCArthur on Twitter

Simon Davis

Hi, I’m a user researcher working at NHS Digital where I conduct accessibility and usability testing of both digital and non-digital content for both healthcare professional and patients. Some of my work has included iterating booking information for patients to ensure it’s usable for patients with accessibility needs.

I’ve previously worked in market research for media companies (like Sky, Turner and Disney) and charities and non-profits (such as the NSPCC) and have conducted research and volunteered with vulnerable adults and those with cognitive accessibility needs.

Will Turner

I’m a contract user researcher. Since 2016 I’ve been working with NHS Digital in the Digital Delivery Centre. I didn’t realise I had an interest in ‘Accessibility’ until people started talking about it. Before then I’d just not thought about it. My mother is a wheelchair user, my uncle was Downs, my dad was deaf, my eldest son is just a little bit autistic and my wife’s a special needs teacher. It’s not ‘Accessibility’ in my family, it’s just normal.

I’ve previously worked as a sports journalist and as an academic researcher.

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